Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Fabulous Kid's Clothes From Tea Collection

I am always looking for new and cute boy's clothes for my babies, and they are always in need of something.
So, when I recently had the pleasure to review some baby boy clothes from Tea Collection, I was thrilled! 

They were sweet enough to send both of my boys a pair of adorable pajamas! 

They must have been peeking in our windows at bedtime to see that our boys have SUCKY pajamas. Tater usually wears a tee shirt, and Bean is usually in some mismatched onesie and pants or a sleeper. I was so thrilled to finally get them both a pair of "good" pjs! 

I have nothing bad to say about these pajamas, they are probably the highest quality pj's my kids have ever had. They are made of Pima Cotton, which is extra soft and luxurious. I want some Pima Cotton PJ's too! Another thing that I love about these pj's is that they have an extra-long top, to keep tummies from hanging out! We have some big tummies around here *cough cough BEAN*, and we need the extra long tops! I love love love these pj's! Sadly, I am hoping that my boys don't grow between now and Christmas, because I would love to have pictures of them in these pj's on Christmas morning! 

The Tea Collection has some of the nicest baby clothing I have ever seen. If these pajamas are any indication, the quality is some of the best around! 

Here are some of my favorite baby girl clothes from the site: (because I never get baby girl clothes lol!)

Ahhh, the opportunities!!! But, alas, not in the cards for this mama, so instead, we shall highlight some super adorable baby boy clothes

If you are looking for some high quality, top of the line baby clothes, you should definitely check out Tea Collection! 

Thank you Tea Collection peeps, for giving me two very cute-pajammed boys ;)!!

Disclosure: I received a sample product in order to perform this review. All opinions are mine and no monetary compensation was given.


  1. LOL
    Your blog is one of the ones that makes me Laugh Out Loud and look like a crazy woman.

    (sucky pajamas)

  2. At last! I found your blog from another site.
    I've been looking for your site for quite some time in order to follow you back as your profile photo has no link to your blog.
    So, I am really glad I've found you! :)
    Thanks for the follow ...I am now following you back.


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