Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OMG guys, help me.

So Tater doesn't sleep anymore. We are talking like on and off for a few months, but for the last week straight. 

He shares a room with the Bean and the Bean goes to bed at 7-7:30pm. 

Tater goes to bed around 8pm. Hasn't fallen asleep before 11pm in like a week. 

No daytime naps. Gets up at 6:45 am for school. 

He just lays in there. And doesn't sleep. 

I am becoming a zombie. 

He wakes up 3-4 times a night to tell me he thinks the Bean is awake (he usually isn't), or that he needs to pee or needs a drink. 

The other night he stayed up til almost 11:30. Then woke me up at 2:30 in the morning in our room playing Wii. I only woke up b/c he turned the game up loud. I have no idea how long he was in there before I woke up. 

Same night. Around 4am. Wakes me up because he is sneaking a box of fruit snacks in our bedroom (i guess he was going to play Wii again and have a snack) and I wake up b/c I hear him trying to open the packages. Again, wouldn't have ever woke up if he hadn't been so loud. 


Why won't the kid sleep? 

I am turning into a zombie. 

After the day I just told you about, he couldn't even go to school the next morning because he cried hysterically from the time he opened his eyes until it was time for him to leave for school. He was just so exhausted from being up all night. I couldn't send him to school like that, they would send his ass right back home. 

I am so freaking stressed, I am turning into a zombie. Did I already say that? Again, sleep deprivation. 

On top of that, a almost 5 month old that still wakes up some nights. 

What do I do? 

He has a schedule. Dinner, bath, teeth brush, story, drink, bathroom, bed. 

Do I take the Bean out of his room and put the crib in our bedroom? 

Or does that just put a baby in my room and a kid that won't sleep still wandering around the house? 

Sigh. Someone help. Before I lose it. 


  1. I have no idea what you should do, but my simpathies are with you. I hope that you find some way of solving this issue. You're in my prayers tonight.

  2. aww poor dawn. maybe the urge to play wii is keeping tater up? i remember staying up late till my parents fall asleep to snack on food... hope your situation improves u_u

  3. Oh Dawn, I'm sorry for both you and Tater! I don't have a solution for you, just some questions.
    Is something bothering him, maybe about school?
    What does he have for a snack? A bowl of oatmeal might be better because it's warm & filling.
    Stop letting him drink so much coffee (LOL)
    Is he doing too much active stuff in the 2 hours or so before bed? Does he get much exercise/fresh air earlier in the day?
    If he's watching TV, maybe the channel should be switched to something boring (for him).
    Have you talked to his doctor?
    Maybe the Wii should get disconnected and hidden away at night.
    Sorry I don't have any definite answers for you.
    I sure hope things change for the better soon.


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