Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dropps Laundry Detergent Review

How many of us hate laundry?? Collective hand raising and giant sigh, please. I know, I know. Laundry sucks ass. But I have found something to make it easier, and *a little* more fun. 

Pre packaged, Pre measured laundry detergent. Grab a pack. Throw it in. Add clothes. Done. Well, you still have to dry and fold, but definite cut down on washing effort. No spilling detergent everywhere, no mess at all! 

One Dropps Pack is 6X concentrated, and cleans as well as an entire capful of regular liquid detergent. Dropps detergent is designed to be gentle, but tough on stains. 

 What Mama Thinks: I was super excited to try Dropps! I am always reading about how most people use too much detergent, so I was happy to have it pre-portioned for me. I was a little concerned at first that the pack wasn't dissolving and there were not that many bubbles, but after checking the website, I learned that the packs take longer to dissolve in cold water (of course we're using cold water, we're poor lol!) and that they are designed not to have a lot of bubbles. So that made me feel better. 

I was very impressed with the end result! The pack dissolved completely, clothes were soft, clean, and smelled great! What more could you ask for! I am very impressed with Dropps! 

Dropps comes in three varieties right now: Fresh Scent, Scent +Dye Free, and new Dropps Baby!

And Dropps is now available at TARGET! Yay! They will be carrying the 26 load packs! So now everybody can experience the fun of Dropps! 

Thanks Dropps, for letting me have a little more fun with my laundry! 

disclosure: i received a sample product in order to conduct this review. all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was given, just laundry soap :-)

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