Saturday, September 11, 2010

WOW Wood Floor Cleaning Kit Review

I am a real sucker for cleaning products. I always have been and I always buy way too many, just because I want to try them out. So when the fine folks at Black Diamond Stoneworks asked me to try their new WOW Wood Floor Cleaning Kit, I was so excited!
And then I saw this YouTube video:

I was definitely excited to try this floor cleaner after that!

The mop thingy was super easy to put together, it took like two seconds. You just screw the 4 parts together to make the handle. Then you put the super absorbent pad onto the Velcro part, and you're ready to go. You just spray the cleaner onto your floor and then mop until dry. I loved this thing! I was skeptical that it would really work, being so easy, but it did! It left my floors really shiny, buffed like. :)  It has a really fresh smell too! It's kind of like a Swiffer, but better. The pad is much thicker and much more absorbant. And, best of all, you can just throw the pads in the washer to reuse them! That is the reason I had to stop using my Swiffer, because between the cleaning solution and the pads it was just too expensive. This way is MUCH easier on the budget!

I totally love this cleaning system, and recommend it to you guys too!

To Visit BD Stoneworks and see all their great cleaning products, plus lots of helpful cleaning tips, click here.

To purchase the WOW Wood Floor Cleaning System, click here. BD Cleaning products are also available at WalMart Stores nationwide.

*disclosure: I received a product in order to facilitate my review. No monetary compensation was given, all opinions are my own. *

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