Tuesday, September 7, 2010

World Baby Foods =Awesome Idea.

Dr. Susanna's World Baby Foods Variety Case, 4-Ounce Glass Jars (Pack of 12) I am so excited to tell you guys about this one! I recently discovered World Baby Foods by Dr. Susanna Block, and I was instantly interested! World Baby Foods is a line of multicultural organic baby food based on the different cuisines in different parts of the world. I love this concept!

From the site:

"Our idea of "multicultural baby food" and "taste development" stems from our experience as physicians who have lived extensively in other cultures. Children from around the world enjoy a diverse and flavorful diet - and don't suffer the rates of obesity seen here. We began to understand a relationship between dietary experience during infancy and future eating habits. As physicians, this provided a creative insight: that we could reduce risks of pediatric obesity by making healthy food taste better. The result? Dr. Susanna's multicultural organic World Baby Foods."

What a great idea! I wish I would have found this stuff when Tater was a baby.. He is now the pickiest eater I know, and I know that I somehow have made him that way! Hopefully the Bean will be more open to new things... He already loves food! 

My little Bean is still about a month or two away from starting on baby food, he is just now starting to eat a tiny bit of rice cereal every now and then, but I can not wait until he can try Dr. Susanna's World Baby Food. 
We were sent a "world pack" of baby foods to review, and they look great! Here are the flavors we are going to sample: 

Quintessential eastern European cuisine, the best way to enjoy beets, carrots, potatoes, spinach, and a touch of dill.

 BABY DAL Flavors of India: cumin blended with lentils, brown rice, carrots, apples, for your very own baby doll.

LULLABY THAI A cardamom delight - with bananas, and jasmine rice - and a dash of tumeric.

QUE PASA CALABASA Literally, "What's up squash?" We couldn't resist the rhyme, and nor the sweet blends of squash, sweet potatoes, and garbanzo beans, gently seasoned with a sweet mild chili.

SWEETIE TAHITI Bali Ha'i.... Welcome to the South Pacific, with this Polynesian-inspired recipe of coconuts, banana, and jasmine rice.

TOKYO TUM TUM Flavors of the orient... Here's a mix of Japanese flavors including ginger, soy, brown basmati rice, apple.

I think these are really awesome, and I love the idea and concept behind them!

Thanks Dr. Susanna, for giving us the chance to experience such a cool product!

Get Your Own!  To get your own World Baby Food, or to learn more about it, simply click here!

(disclosure: I received free products in order to provide this review. Although free products were received, all opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was given. ) 


  1. What a cool idea! I definitely think that this could make for much less picky toddlers. Maybe I'll try it with my 2nd, although he's also a couple months away from eating food like this.

  2. I wish I had thought to make stuff like that for my kids. I made their baby foods, but I never did anything exotic.


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