Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Talk To The Turtle Feng Shui Jewelry: Review

As the "Official Flip Out Mama", It probably wouldn't hurt me at all to learn a little bit about Feng Shui . Y'all know I could afford to find a lil peace in my life! :) Lucky for me, Talk To The Turtle has made it easy. Talk To The Turtle is Inspirational Jewelry featuring the nine life paths of Feng Shui. 

From The Site:
The story goes that 4000 years ago an honorable turtle was found resting on a water’s edge in China. His gift was to share all his understanding of Feng Shui.

Now you can feel the gift of the turtle in your own life. Whether you are looking for inspirational jewelry or an affirmation tool, or simply love the quirky beauty of it, this silver charm becomes a part of your life.

Talktotheturtle jewelry charms are beautifully crafted tags emblazoned with the positive words inspired by the nine life-paths of Feng Shui philosophy.

Which tag is right for you? Everyone’s journey is their own and whichever one you pick, it can help you shape a better tomorrow.

Whatever path calls to you will be the right one. Use the word you desire to make it happen...
The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning. People find it easier to focus on a single piece or thing. It provides us with a feeling of solace and a reminder of who we are and what we believe in. It can be the one thing that gets you through a tough day or a difficult time.

It has been said that the road to self affirmation is much smoother when you have a focal point, and that's where Talk To The Turtle comes in. Their jewelry can help you have a focus, something that really means something to you. 

What Mama Thinks:

These are such a unique idea! I really like the concept and the idea behind them. I really like products that were created out of a person's passion for something, other than just some mass produced thingy that has no "heart", ya know? 

I received the "Peace" dangle to review. It is so pretty! I love that it comes with the crystal quartz stone too, it makes it have a little sparkle. ;) 

I hung my dangle on Beanie's diaper bag. I figured that is where it will be the most useful. Usually anytime I am out somewhere with the boys, and have the diaper bag, I am stressed beyond belief. So, now, I can look at my little "PEACE" dangle and feel a little better. Not that it makes my kids any better behaved, but hey, jewelry can only do so much, right? 

Anyways, it is really pretty, and I like looking at it. Several strangers have commented on it and wanted to know where it came from. I think these would make great inspirational gifts, if you knew someone who was going through a hard time. Beautiful jewelry with a beautiful message! Love it! 

disclosure: I received a sample of the product to review. No monetary compensation was given, and all opinions are my own.

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