Saturday, September 25, 2010

So many winners, so little time.

The winner of the pair of Trim Treads Sandals is: 

#41 Jennifer! Congrats

The winner of the LBRI Pure & Natural Body Set is

#15, Sy! 

The Winner of the Jewelry Stylist Necklace is

#68 Kimberly!

The winner of the Gourmet Gift Baskets Giveaway:

#354, Tracey!

The winner of the Seventh Generation Starter Kit is:

#258, The Smash Bravo Team!

The winner of the Simple Green Cleaning Kit is:

#190, Terri!

The winner of the Susan Brown's Baby foaming shampoo is: 

#52, Meaghan! 

The winner of the Stride Everyday Panties is: 

#85, Janice! 

The winner of the Roadkill Tee Shirts Giveaway is: 

#138, Lucky's Luna!

The winner of the $30 gift card to is: 

#90, Jodi! 

And lastly but not leastly, 
The winner of the turtles from Raising The Candy Bar is:
#13 Chelle @ New Mommiez Blend!

*Congrats to all the winners!!*
You should all have emails in your inbox, make sure to check for them!

Shew, that was a lot of winners, next time I won't be so stupid as to have them all end on the same day!!! 

HeeHee, Enjoy your weekend Yall! 

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