Friday, September 10, 2010

SmartLab Review: 3D Mega Puzzles

As you guys already know, I am trying to wean Tater off of his dependency on video games and TV lately. I mean, I am not a total bitch, I don't care if he plays them sometimes, but I really want him to just play with TOYS like a regular kid. I think that's going to be a lot easier now that I have discovered SmartLab Toys.

SmartLab makes educational toys, but not crappy ones, awesome ones! Toys that your kids will play with without even knowing they are educational! I know that I have been told by Tater on several occasions, that he doesn't want me to get him a "learning toy." I guess he associates learning with boring, but that is so not the case with SmartLab Toys. Check out some of the awesome things I found while browsing around:

I am not a big science fan, and these things look fun even to me! I can totally see Tater getting into stuff like this when he is a little older, or even now with our help. I really think he would like the Human Body kit.

We received three of SmartLab's new  3D Puzzles Playsets to review. The ones we received were super cute! We got the ocean life, wild animals, and dinosaur scenes. Tater was totally into these, which is very unusual for him with puzzles. He just couldn't believe that the puzzles were going to be "real" (I think he means 3D lol). It took us a long time to get the dinosaur scene put together, but he was so patient and did a great job! He is already asking to put together the next one now, but shew, mom needs a puzzle break lol.

If you are wondering what a 3D puzzle looks like, take a look:

I love that the puzzle playsets are "real" and not "cartoony". They also came with flashcards to help your little one learn more. I was able to talk about the flash cards while we were working on our puzzle so that it didn't seem like I was trying to shove some learning down his throat lol :)

I am totally digging SmartLab and their amazing selection of kid's toys! Go check them out at! Oh, and SmartLab's Mega 3D Puzzles will be available at Barnes & Noble stores beginning in October!

disclosure: I recieved free products for this review. Although free products were received, all opinions are mine and mine alone. No monetary compensation was given. 

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