Thursday, September 23, 2010

Parenting Wars.

Do you guys ever have issues with your significant other over parenting? 

I feel like lately all Baby Daddy and I have been doing is arguing, mostly over the kids. Mostly Tater. And mostly over his discipline. 

Tater is starting to take advantage of the fact that no one has ever gotten on the same page about him and his discipline and he is learning how to ask the other parent after one has already said no.

I am not a good "settler" and I am not good at "letting things be". I feel like I am usually right, especially when it comes to my boys. I am not sure how to compromise with BD on these things. 

Take Heed, children. This is why you should REALLY discuss having children with someone before you have children with someone. Because now it's like I'm parenting with a complete stranger. 

I tend to go a lot easier on the boys, and BD is the hardass. He is the "I'm the dad and you're going to listen to me because I said so. Dammit." kind of guy. I am not sure that that is the best way to handle things.

Tell me stories, y'all.

How do you handle disicpline at your house? (and what ages are your kids)

Have you ever or do you now have parenting wars at home with your significant other? How do you handle that?

This is the part where I need my mommy to give me advice! But you guys will just have to stand in :) Love you all and appreciate the comments and suggestions, as always.


  1. The big struggle at our house is that my husband is forced to be the strict one because I'm not strict enough and then we both over-compensate for the other. It's something we've really been trying to work on though, I'm definitely trying to be more of a disciplinarian. I know I give in way too often.

  2. The hands down most important thing is to back each other up even if you do not agree. Just back it up, and talk about it AFTER baby is asleep. Seriously. You should always ask "well, what did daddy say?" and he should say "what did mommy say?" And if either one of you has already said yes or no, that is the answer. Period. And if there is disagreement in the moment, the no prevails.

    The second thing is that you need to break their will early on so they know who is boss (that would be you and daddy in case you are wondering lol). It may not seem like a big deal to make an issue out of, but it is better to break them on smaller issues so the fight isnt as big over the larger issues. Good luck!!


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