Thursday, September 16, 2010

NuShield Review

This review is for one of those products that you think "why in the hell hasn't someone created this sooner?" And that is definitely the NuShield.

The NuShield is a screen protector for electronic devices. It allows you to be able to see your device screens in the sunlight. I know that this is a great idea for a product. There have been a million times when I am outside trying to use the laptop or the phone, and I can't because I can't see the screen. The NuShield puts an end to that!

Check this out:
The right side has the NuShield DayVue Film on it, and the left side doesn't. You can clearly see the right side much better! The fine folks at NuShield sent my hubs a cut-to-fit piece for his phone. He loves it, and is very happy to now be able to use his phone outdoors! Thanks NuShield!

The NuShield DayVue Screen Protector is made of  5 mil. thick plastic with special hard treatment to prevent abrasion and damage as well as making it easy to read in the daytime.

The film will stay on for 6-8 months when installed correctly. NuShield offers film pieces for any device, including aviation and marine GPS devices ( I hear they work GREAT on these!), cameras, book readers like the Kindle, Car navigation screens, Game screens, GPS, laptops, PDAs, Video Cameras, and more! You can even get a cut-to-fit piece if you can't find the right size.

I think The NuShield is a great idea, and a long overdue product! Everyone has SOMETHING they could use a NuShield for! To get your own, just click here!

Thanks NuShield folks, for letting us try it out!

The folks at NuShield have been kind enough to extend a 10% coupon code for all Flip Out Mama readers!!! To get your discount, simply enter KPR%10 at checkout!
Disclosure: I received a sample of the product to review. No monetary compensation was given and all opinions are my own. Thanks ;)

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  1. this would make my life a lot easier, more sun time while working.


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