Friday, September 10, 2010

CSN Stores Review

Here is what I got for my surprise review with CSN stores! Tater LOVES road signs, don't ask, I have no idea, so this is perfect for him! He has always been obsessed with road signs, ever since he could talk, he would ask "What does that sign mean?" His favorite right now is the NO U TURN sign, so when I saw this set had that one, I knew it would be perfect for him! And, bonus! It has a school bus, which is his second new obsession! :)

Of course this toy is extremely good quality, it is made by Melissa & Doug. Melissa & Doug is probably my favorite kid's toy brand. You know you are always getting good quality, durable, reliable products! And they are so affordable! This set was only $18.99. Thanks again CSN Stores, you always have just what I need!

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