Thursday, August 26, 2010

Green Toys Review!

I recently discovered the most awesome toys ever! The company is called Green Toys Inc, and they make toys from 100% recycled materials. Most are made totally from plastic milk jugs, just like the kind we drink out of every day... Unbelievable that your "trash" can be turned into something so cool!  I also love that they toys are made with 100% recycled cardboard packaging. Sooo much easier to open than all that plastic crap! 

Here's the two items we were sent to review: 

The baby stacker and the tug boat. They are both really excellent quality, and I swear I would never think they are made from milk jugs. They are sturdy, durable, and strong. They are brightly colored, and don't seem "cheap" or anything. I gave Tater the tugboat to play with in the bath, and he was in heaven! He isn't used to toys that don't "do" anything, so I was very pleasantly surprised when he played for 30 minutes with the tugboat. The Bean is still a little small for the baby stacker, but it is on his shelf ready and waiting. I really like these toys, and I am proud to have them. I have shown them to everyone and said "guess what these are made of!?!?!" They are quite impressive!

Look at the awesome Fire Truck that Green Toys is introducing to it's collection! 
This is definitely on Tater's Christmas list now! I love it! But that is not even close to all the toys that Green Toys has. Take a look at some of my other favorites: 

I am in loooove with Green Toys! And you will be too!! If you would like more info on Green Toys, simply click here!

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  1. Iwould love to get my kiddo the firetruck when it come out! My husband is a firefighter & I'm always looking for good toys for my kids.


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