Friday, August 20, 2010

Fawk You Friday! My first!

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Ok, so this is my first Fawk You Friday! I love these things, and I have been reading everyone's forever, so now it's time to do my own! If you would like to participate, head over to one of my favorite places, "Boobies, Babies, and A Blog, " to find out how to get hooked up!

So here we go, my first ever Fawk Yous! 

-The shitty mexican restaurant that we had to eat at last night. It's not my fault the babydaddy had a gift card to you. You suck. You ruined my first date night in months, and ruined my time with my bestie. Fawk you so much. 
-The insane traffic from the Sam's Club Opening. Really??? Two hours sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for a Sam's Club? Newsflash people, THERE IS ANOTHER ONE IN THIS TOWN! It's not like you've never seen one before! 
-The weedeater. I wish you would buy yourself a spark plug already. And then go trim the weeds in the yard. I can't fix you, so you're gonna have to do it yourself. 
and finally, Fawk you to:
-Bills. Why you gotta screw with everything? I mean really, I would like to go shopping. But no, you are always there, looming over my head. Damn you. I will get rid of you one day. 

And that's it. Ahhh, I feel better!


  1. LMAO! Would love to participate, but my kids read my blog (I think) besides I'd be listing my Fawking complaints all day!

    Too Funny! Love the Pic too!

  2. Dawn! Following you from Fun Follow Friday. I’m posting inspiring messages on my new Facebook fan page…links below!

  3. Found you through Fawk You Friday. This is why only my adult daughter I don't have any issues with gets to even know about this blog. LOL! She just rolls her eyes at me.

  4. Snap! Sam's Club was the hot spot, wasn't it??

    You just reminded me--I need to pay fawk you to bills for sure.

    Thanks so much for linking up!! XOXO

  5. OMG, I laughed SO hard at this. Visiting from NFF. Love your blog.

  6. Haha! I do a Suck It Sunday which is very similiar...never seen the Fawk You Friday but I loves it. :P

  7. lol agreed. bills are the mother of all evil >.<

  8. Dawn!!! you crack me up!!! LOVE the bills thing tho!!! hahahaha!!!!!


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