Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preschool FlipOut

So, it's almost time. I mean, REALLY, almost time for Tater to start preschool. I can't believe he is ready to go, and it's already here. I am totally flipping out. (surprise, right?)

I feel like he is not prepared at all. He can't write his name. (He can trace, but that's not the same...) He has an attitude, he's not a sharer. Not to even begin to touch on the fact that he strips completely naked when he poops. (Wonder how they're gonna handle that one!)

He's so excited and so ready to go, but I am not. I am half-tempted to keep him home this year. But, alas, I know he needs it. He is so smart, but he needs that socialization, and I think that independence will be good for both of us. He's so bored here, bored with his toys, bored with me. He needs that change of pace. Can I handle it? I'm not sure.

I've tried so hard to get him "ready". He knows numbers, ABC's, can read lots of words. He's a lefty, so teaching him to write has been such a challenge. I don't even know where to begin. And while I think he will be just fine, what if he gets there and freaks out? He's going to have to ride the bus, since we only have one car right now, and I am worried about how he's going to handle that. Point is, I'm stressing.

What if he doesn't make friends? What if no one likes him? I feel like this is my first day of school. I am so afraid that he won't fit in, and I know we, as parents, are supposed to say it doesn't matter if our kid is popular, or if our kid has friends, but I can't help but want that for him. I want him to be happy, I don't want school to be a dreaded place for him. I know that's inevitable, but not yet anyways. *sigh*.

So, moms, any suggestions for me? How did you get your babies ready for the big day?


  1. okay so i have NOOOO suggestions since my boys are still too young!! I tried to get Camden in early because like you i believe he is bored with his toys and bored with me! That didn't happen however so i will have to wait another year!! However, it sounds like he's definitly ready and you're the one stressing about it all!! And i agree, the bus is nerve racking! AHHHHHH!! But, everything will be fine and as long as you love him and teach him to love other he will do GREAT :) Good luck with all :)

  2. Don't worry sweetheart. You'll be surprised how quick they pick up. Marshal has learnt so much and Nate will to. I believe all mom's go through what your going through and so do us grandmother's..

  3. Thank you ladies!I am so nervous, but he's ready as can be! Guess it's time for mommy to learn to let go!


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