Monday, July 26, 2010

My 10 Biggest Fears

This post is in response to a prompt I found through Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. I love her blog, you should check her out!! Anyways, on to the fears. ;)*btw, these are in no particular order, since I can not think of a way to logically order my fears. :)

1) Having to bury my babies.
I think this is at the top of every mommy's list.

2)Coincidently, my babies having to bury me. I know eventually, they will probably have to, but what I mean is before they are grown. Before they are men, before they are married, before I have grandbabies. It happened to me, and I worry every day about my boys having to go through the pain of losing a parent when they are still just kids.

3) Tornadoes. We live in a trailer. I don't have a car. Enough said.

4) Never being successful at anything. I used to think I just wanted to be a mommy, but recently I am not sure if that is enough for me. I think that I want to do something, that i want to be something, and although I am not sure what exactly that something is, I am deathly afraid that I will never reach it. I think this ties into my next fear:

5) Having to struggle my whole life.
I understand that we have to struggle financially right now. We are young, we have two kids, only one of us has a job, we have debt, we have bills, blah blah, f-ing blah. But, what if we never get financially stable? What if we are living paycheck forever? I can't even stand to think about it, I feel like I'm going to hyperventilate.

6) home invasion/attacker/burglar. I check the locks like 10 times a night. I'm really afraid someone's going to come in here and get me. I can't stand to be home alone with the babies. Partially the reason that I keep this horribly behaved pit bull. (just kidding, i heart my little Tucky!)

7) car crashes. me being in one, or someone I love being in one. For some reason, this fear is always more prevalent on holidays. (don't ask me!) I guess I am afraid someone is going to die on a holiday. Like it wouldn't hurt if they died on another day? geez, i'm weird.

I was supposed to go to 10, but I really think that's all. I mean there are things I don't like, like snakes, roaches, spiders, mice, etc... but I don't think I really fear them. I guess that's a good thing, right? Better to have 7 fears than 10?

Tell me, what are some of your biggest fears?


  1. Hi, Dawn! Coming to you via the 31 DBBB challenge. I like the colorful layout of your blog! Many of your biggest fears resonate with me. When I was a kid, particularly, two fears I had were that I might be buried alive and when I got into bed there would be snakes hiding at the foot of the bed under the covers. Must have come from something on TV! I would actually rip my covers off and check before getting into bed on some nights!

  2. hi, i found you through Fancy Meeting You Monday
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    i have a ton of fears. it would take me forever to write them all!

  3. I am very much on the same page with you as your list, but for me I'd have to add:

    -going over water in a car
    -Bridges (dealing with heights and water)
    -closed in spaces

    Believe it or not I dealt with all of those on our move as I drove on the highway for the first time. Talk about nerves being shot.I've actually had someone try breaking in recently while the kids and I were in our home. Not fun! I've also been stalked so I tend to stay closer to the home now and don't like to venture out, I'm trying to get over that. You have a good list, at least you know the fears and how they relate to one another, some don't realize that.


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