Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Bean!

Wow, it is almost baby Bean's ONE MONTH birthday! I really can't believe it has been an entire month.I honestly feel like it was last week!! I am still soooo exhausted from it all, lol! We are finally starting to get into some sort of a routine here, and we are all getting comfortable with each other.
We have had lots of little issues in this first month,from his non-pooping, to his bleedy belly button, followed by his blocked tear duct (aka pirate eye), and of course his always-increasing, never-ceasing appetite, (hes gained almost 3 lbs!!) but all in all, he is perfect! :) I must say he is my little cranky-pants, he's had the same pissed off, mad at the world look on his face since the moment he came out of the womb, but hopefully he will be learning to smile soon, and I am realllly hoping that he will utilize that skill lol, because he sure looks mean!!!! :)
I am so proud of Tater, he has really grown up these past few weeks, and he has turned into an exceptional big brother! I was really worried about how he would feel about this new little guy in his life, but he has taken right to him, and spends most of the day being "little daddy" to Mr Bean.. I am so happy with our little family, even though it's not so little anymore, and I am very blessed to be taken over by all these boys in my house! Happy Birthday Bean!

Sayin' Hey!

Hey Y'all! I guess this is my first "official" blog post! Ooooh, how exciting!!
I am so happy to be starting my blog, y'all don't even know! I'm hoping that I will have a lot to say, that's never been a problem before! :) I look forward to making this an interesting read for everyone, and I promise to talk about more than just my stinky kids! ;) Wish me luck!


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