Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Why do people make birth injury claims?

Why do people make birth injury claims?
When what should have been the happiest moment of your life goes horribly wrong, it can leave your
mind spinning in all different directions. You’re worried about your baby, how they will recover, your own
health, and what the future might look like. Mothers who have gone through a traumatic birth and have
had their infant severely injured might be worried about the future financial implications of looking after a
disabled or sick child, or how they’ll cope with this unexpected tragedy. 
This is when many parents decide to seek further information – looking for a cerebral palsy lawyer in
Davenport? Click the link to find out more. When you’ve been let down by your medical provider, it can
often seem like the only option. 
But, why do people make birth injury claims?
For the unnecessary suffering
A birth is a joyous event and although painful and daunting, any birth should ultimately, be safe. Or it
should be if the mother has been properly monitored, screened and cared for every step of the pregnancy
. The health of the mother and child should be at the forefront of every decision made in the delivery room
, however that’s not always the case. 
A lack of care, attention, improper use of equipment, failure to recognise the signs of fetal distress can
result in devastating injuries and even death. It’s these kinds of negligible acts that create completely
unnecessary suffering for both the mother and the child. In many cases, it can be compensated for by
those responsible. 
Future care for your child
If your child suffers a brain injury, or an injury that leaves them requiring complex care for the rest of their
lives, many parents are left worrying how they’ll pay for such treatment and rehabilitation. How can they
adapt their home? Pay for private physio or even respite care? The costs of giving your child the highest
quality of life possible is incredibly high. Therefore, a successful birth injury claim could potentially help
cover these costs. 
Psychological trauma
Experiencing something like a traumatic birth can impact the mother for the rest of her life. Leaving her
with psychological trauma. These kinds of injuries should be accounted for, especially if the mother’s
quality of life is impacted.
Preventing it from happening again
Pursuing a medical negligence case like this can put steps in place to prevent it from happening to anyone
else. This alone would make it a worthwhile cause. 

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