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5 Valentines Day Dates For Outdoorsy Couples!

5 Valentine’s Day Dates for Outdoorsy Couples

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During the summer, outdoorsy couples have it easy. Rather than veg out at a movie theatre or pig out at a
restaurant, you can simply take off to the great outdoors for your dates, with nature as your entertainment
and a picnic as your meal. There are numerous outdoor sports and activities you to try, and you never need
to give a second thought to staying warm or comfortable. 

This all changes in the winter, though. As the temperature drops, your options for outdoor dates become
increasingly limited. Unfortunately, the winter also coincides with the most romantic date of the entire year –
Valentine’s Day. 

That’s not to say you can’t have a great time doing something outdoorsy for Valentine’s Day. You just have
to pick the right activity, plan ahead and stay warm (that last part shouldn’t be hard on Valentine’s Day!) For
a little inspiration, read these five entries, each real Valentine’s Day activities that couples have tried, and

Ice Fishing

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of a frozen lake, chances are there’s ice fishing available. There are fewer
outdoor activities more intimate than ice fishing – sitting in a tiny, warmed cabin on the middle of an isolated
lake, drinking schnapps for warmth and waiting for a tug on the line. It’s that rare outdoor winter activity
that’s actually romantic. 

Winter Camping

Who says camping belongs entirely to the summer? Sure, winter camping takes a little more planning
(figuring out how to keep warm, primarily), but it’s worth it for the beautiful, glacial scenery and the
satisfaction you get from braving the elements. To make things a little easier, forego the tent and go
“vanping”, which is essentially just camping, only you sleep in the back of a van. 

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Axe Throwing

While not technically an outdoor activity, axe throwing is, nevertheless, an outdoorsy activity. And it just so
happens to be a fantastic date spot. Rather than shuffle around in your winter coats on Valentine’s Day,
settle in to an indoor competition, pitting you and your Valentine against one another to see whose axe
throwing aim is better. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before – booking an axe throwing date, which you
can do when you click here and reserve, comes with a free introductory tutorial. 

A Winter Picnic

Swap the summer lemonade for a thermos full of hot chocolate, and you’ve got yourself a winter picnic.
Bundle up in your warmest clothes, choose a secluded spot at a nearby park, and enjoy a winter picnic.
If you really want to keep warm, you can prep hot food in advance and carry it in an insulated cooler (which
is just as good at retaining heat as it is keeping outside heat away!)  


Another indoor sport that nevertheless captures the winter spirit, curling is like the low key lovechild of
bowling and hockey. If you’re unfamiliar with this northern sport, this YouTube series should explain
everything. Once you get the hang of it, it’s an addictive sport that’s perfect for a winter date. 

Just because Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little outdoorsy

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