Our Bucket List

Here's where we list all the things we want to do someday, someway, somehow. We'll check them off as we get them done, and we'll write about them too! 

  1. Get Married. (Done! January 29, 2013)
  2. Visit Disney World (before my kids get too big!)
  3. Visit Mammoth Cave (Done! Fall 2012)
  4. Visit the ocean with my babies
  5. Go ziplining
  6. Go white water rafting
  7. Ride a roller coaster (Did it! King's Island, June 2013, and I puked. sadface.)
  8. Visit the Smoky Mountains (now a family tradition!)
  9. Buy a house
  10. Visit NYC
  11. Write a book
  12. Drive across the country, exploring as we go
  13. Pick our own berries
  14. See a Broadway show
  15. Go back to college, get a degree this time
  16. Write letters to both of my kids on their birthdays/Christmas
  17. Take my kids to a drive in movie
  18. Lose 20 pounds (well, preferably 30 or 40, but....

This what we have so far! Check back soon as we try to cross things off and add more as we go! 


  1. Bucket list post!! What a great idea!

  2. Just a suggestion. Do #2 & #4 in one trip. We did this last Summer (2012) we went to Disney for a week then went to Jacksonville, FL for another 4 days. My kids & hubby got to go to Disney & put their feet in the ocean for the very first time. There are lots of cheap hotels in J-ville, knock them out at the same time!
    -Stephanie C.


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