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Freelance Services Offered
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  • Content Creation/Ghostwriting- No matter what sort of web copy you need for your website, I can help create quality, unique content for you! 

  • Blog Posts- Whether you need an occasional blog post, or someone to handle the day to day running of your blog, I can create blog posts for you that fit the style and tone of your blog perfectly.

  • Articles- I can create high quality articles for you on any topic, whether you need a short 300 word piece, or a longer, more in depth piece of 1000+ words! I can do my own research on any topic, or use research you provide.

  • Social Media Marketing- I can help take over your social media outreach and improve your personal connection with your followers! 

  • Re-Writing/Article Spinning- I can edit and rewrite any article to avoid plagiarism and improve overall tone and flow of the piece. 

  • Editing- I can edit and check any piece for grammatical or spelling errors, as well as tone, flow and awkwardness. 

  • Press Release- If you need a press release written for a new product or promotion that you are working on, I can create the perfect one for you! 

  • Blog Advertising- I offer text link and 125x125 button ad space on my blog for very low rates. 

  • Sponsored Posts- I also offer customized sponsored posts for your company, product or promotion on my blog. I can create my own post, or use one you provide!
  • Product Reviews- Contact me to have your product reviewed on my blog

  • Other Services- Do you need a writing service that isn't listed here? Feel free to contact me to discuss additional services that I can provide. 
You can reach me at anytime! I look forward to working with you! 

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