Monday, November 20, 2017

How To Become An SEO Sensation Like Daniel Anton

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Have you ever wondered why Google search results are ranked as they are? How is the top position determined, or even how do some pages not even make it on the first page of browser results? The answer: SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in short, is a set of rules that can be followed by website (or blog) owners to optimise their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings. Think of the internet as a library, with search engines like Google being the librarians who know every book and everything inside every book. When we ask these ‘librarians’ to find us the best book (or website) that contains the information we want they can tell by the keywords we use in our enquiry which one is going to be most suitable. If the author of the book has used relevant keywords (i.e. optimised the content) the librarians have a better chance of matching the person searching for the information with the right book.

Optimising your website by using the right keywords is an activity that is designed to make sure your web page is found by consumers in search engine results or to improve the ranking your website has.  A higher ranking means more exposure and a higher frequency of visitors to your site which can then be converted into consumers.

If you are a beginner SEO then you have much to learn until becoming an SEO Expert. You may have some experience about SEO by now, so you might know that you will be given a few keywords from which to build the content required. You may have used them anywhere in the content or sometimes in the title. That may not be the best idea for all web sites.

The placement of keywords is important. Depending on what website you’re dealing with, some keywords may need to be placed in certain phrases and parts of the content. Learn from experience: once you’ve done the SEO for a website, observe how high it ranks on various search engines. If they’re on the second page or further then there is a problem.

Your SEO content is very important when it comes to getting picked up by search engines. Google, the most widely-used search engine, is constantly changing in an effort to provide users with the best results when it comes to their search requests. If you have observed friends or relatives you may have noticed that they have different search patterns: some will type a few words and others will type whole phrases in the search bar. An SEO Specialist keeps this in mind when writing the content

Image: RankCrew
So now that you know the importance of what SEO is and how it can boost your brand, Daniel Anton has really taken all that SEO encompases and turned it into a full time career opportunity. With businesses like RankCrew, BackLinksIndexer and Crowd Search , he knows a thing or too about what it means to get your blog to the next level using specific SEO tactics and tricks. With RankCrew, offers a variety of different packages to help boost your business, at all within an affordable rate! This can be a huge significance to your brand to help it reach it’s full Google rank. oing, that is exactly why you need to familiarize yourself with Dan Anton and RankCrew. Whether you are a blogger, or small to large sized business owner, they have various packages designed specifically for your needs. The personalized and customized, it doesn't get better than that.

Dan Anton also retired as an Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major, a two-time Iraq combat war veteran, and recipient of two bronze stars. Follow Dan’s journey on his Twitter, Facebook , YouTube or LinkedIn pages!

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