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Remodeling Your Home? 5 Quick Tips To Save You Money!!

Remodeling Your Home? 5 Quick Tips To Save You Money
Once you decide it’s time for a home renovation, you have to decide what you can afford and what you cannot. Just about anything you’d want done on a home remodel is physically possible. The financial implications, on the other hand, are another matter.

In the following article, we’ll cover several ways you can get much of the remodeling you want  - without breaking the bank.

Keep The Toilet And Sinks In Place
Moving objects associated with the plumbing is often one of the most costly aspects of a home remodel. In fact, a plumbing expert at PlumbingFix Hollywood in sunny Southern California states that “the biggest part of the plumbing price increase is moving the toilet or kitchen sink.” It makes a lot of sense, when you think about - since you need to move all the underlying pipes as well.

You can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom all you want - but you’ll be saving thousands of dollars by arranging the new stuff around the existing locations of the pipes.

Consider Recycling Centers

There are some things you should buy unused due to reliability and ironclad insurance in the event of a failure. However, if a part of your home remodeling project includes acrylic skylights, recessed light fixtures, properly-rated insulation or prehung doors, then recycling centers sponsored by organizations such as Habitat for Humanity will have plenty of discounted items to choose from.

Schedule A Consultation With An Architect
This is only a money-saver if your home remodel project is a bit on the extensive side. In such matters it’s best to organize a single visit and once-over by the architect. This could save you a lot of money, even with the several hundred-dollar fee that the average competent architect charges.

It’s best to consult an architect that has experience in building a new home from scratch. For the price range above, you’ll also receive a sketch of the desired changes you can give to the contractor, or use yourself if you’re skilled enough to make the changes you want.

Save On Delivery Fees - Buy A Utility Trailer

This is especially important in your money-saving endeavors, as making all those trips for sheets, wood and the other materials can make a great impact on your budget.

For a couple hundred dollars, you can find a utility trailer on an auction site such as OfferUp or eBay Motors. You’ll find that the expenditure pays for itself about a third of the way through an extensive remodeling project. And at the end of it all - you can sell the trailer if you like.

Research Walls And Flooring Materials Beforehand

You’ll pay for these by the foot, and it can get expensive. As it’s very much a case of show-and-tell, you don’t want to cut down on the visual impact of your home remodel project, so choose these elements wisely.
Think about how the walls and flooring will look with the lighting and intended furniture, for example.

If your home is replete with beige-colored elements that you wish to keep, then laminate flooring from FERMA in the Acacia Teak color might be a great fit and an affordable one as well. This particular option also works well with off-white walls. It will maintain a natural, earthen look, with an unmistakable sheen that adds a sense of newness that never fades.

By following these tips, not only will you be under budget but you might even save enough money to make additional renovations you crossed off your list because you had no financial means for.

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