Saturday, October 15, 2016

Keep Your Time Of The Month Under Wraps with MaskIT

Today I am going to share something with y'all that just might be a game changer for all the girls out there! Thanks to the folks at MaskIT, there is finally an easy and discreet way to dispose of feminine hygiene items. 

 Created by Shallan Ramsey, the MaskIT pouch is the only sanitary product on the market that provides a simple method to deal with feminine care. Innovative and revolutionary, MaskIT reduces cross contamination, blocks odor and is environmentally friendly. MaskIT’s unique, patent pending, design keeps your hand clean during use and encloses feminine products before they are ever placed into a trash can. Simply insert your hand in the carefully crafted pouch, grab your feminine products, invert to enclose them, and then seal it up.  

The MaskIT pouch is a discreet and easy way for girls to deal with their period items. It's also a way to promote cleanliness during this time of the month, since the MaskIT pouch is a way to keep from having to actually touch things with your hands. The pouch encloses feminine products in a durable pocket where you do not have to worry about leaks. The pouches are also very portable, and fit in backpacks, purses, and even your pocket. This is a real game changer when it comes to periods, plus at $6.99, they are super affordable! 

Make sure to connect with MaskIT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  Pinterest and youtube to stay in the loop on what they have going on! 

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