Saturday, September 24, 2016

HGG: neuBROW Enhancing Serum by Skin Research Laboratories!

As women get older, we focus a lot on preserving our youthful appearance. We focus on our hair, skin, nails, everything. One part of our bodies that often gets overlooked as we focus on youthful beauty is our brows. However, thanks to the neuBROW brow enhancing serum by Skin Research Laboratories, youthful brows are here to stay! 

This potent serum is formulated with an exclusive Dual-Weight Protein Complex™ that restores the appearance of youthful brows, promoting suppleness and shine. It delivers beautiful, more defined eyebrows in just 60 days.

Keratin moisturizes and supports hair fibers that are thin, undernourished or weakened. Sweet almond protein creates a protective layer, bringing softness and brilliance to the brow line.

Bioengineered peptides, a proprietary combination of amino acids, help the look of flawless brows, enhancing their overall appearance. Biotin, an essential nutrient with fortifying benefits, helps protect brows from further damage.

Apple extract encourages a look of vitality. The result is shapely, beautiful, more defined brows- and a healthier appearance.

I have been using this brow serum for a couple weeks now, and I have to say, I am really loving it. I am a little embarrassed to admit, I have never really paid much attention to my eyebrows. They are just kind of there. I groom them, I trim them, but I have never really noticed whether or not they are "healthy" so to speak. Now that I know the importance of healthy brows, I am committed to making sure that I take care of them too! I am really interested in continuing to use this product for the next few months, and see what a dramatic difference it makes in my eyebrows! At $100.00, this is definitely a "splurge" product, but one small tube is built to last 60 days. To order the brow enhancing serum for yourself, visit the Skin Research Labs website! 

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