Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Real Way To Give Back This Holiday Season

It's less than two weeks til Christmas, and we all know what that means. The final countdown, the running around, the hustle and bustle, the shopping, the wrapping, the crazy whirlwind of festivities. It can be really hard not to get caught up in all the crazy that is the holiday season, but I really do think it's important to focus on the things that are really important during the holidays, and today I am going to share a really great cause with you guys that I think you will definitely want to have a part in helping out.

The cause I am going to tell you guys about today is a great non profit called TryMunity. TryMunity is a social network of sorts for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injuries and their families. It's a great place for people who often feel overwhelmed and alone to really connect with others who understand what they are going through and help each other with support, advice, suggestions, and friendship.

TryMunity developed from the need for a place where people who have experienced a traumatic and/or life changing event can go for information, advice, and support. There has never been one single website where people experiencing the same traumatic event (like traumatic brain injury, cancer, or paralysis) could consult each other on coping and treatment methods. TryMunity is managed by Tom and Bernadette Coleman of Advice Interactive Group, and is a place where doctors, supporters, and the injured can come together to offer each other love, help, and most importantly, hope.

It's a really great cause, and something that I definitely feel can be a life changer for people suffering from traumatic events and their families. I can only imagine how helpful a social network like this would have been for more after the loss of my parents, when I was still struggling trying to find my way and connecting with other people. This year, Tree Classics is teaming up with TryMunity and are donating $1 for every Christmas tree purchased to TryMunity! This is awesome, and if you are in the market for a new tree this year, definitely check out Tree Classics. They have some really beautiful trees, and you can feel good about a portion of your purchase going to help a great cause!

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