Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Open Secrets of Lip Gloss

Applying lip gloss is an art. Yes, it is! Not many women can apply it with perfection. Rather, some don’t know the secrets of applying it. This is because they use a lip gloss to make an impression, but do not care if there are better options available to suit their needs. If you are one of them, read on.

1.    Which color suits you the best?
Your favorite color is pink, but is it the best for you? Ask for yourself by trying them. Go to a departmental store and try a few shades for yourself. Check for yourself and buy lip gloss on the basis of how good it looks. Don’t scrap the colorless lip gloss. Try it too. Experts say that some colors of the lip gloss look good on the basis of the women’s skin. Reds, chocolates and deep plums work best for dark-skinned; while beige and pink look good on the fair-skinned. If you are if medium tone, berry and rose with brown shades would look good.

2.    Is it necessary?
Some women avoid lip gloss and give priority to other products. Lip gloss is important and should not be ignored. It makes your gorgeous lips look even better. So, don’t ignore it.

3.    How should you apply it?
There are many ways you can apply lip gloss.
·         Liquid Lip Gloss: With this, you need to take the applicator stick and gently rub it on your lips. Remember, while rubbing it, use a circular motion. Doing it randomly, will not serve the purpose.
·         Tube Lip Gloss: With this, put some on the lip brush and spread it around the lips. This lip brush should be specifically used for lip gloss and no other purpose. TIP: In case you don’t have a lip brush by your side, use your little finger and apply lip gloss.
·         Roll-on Lip Gloss: The easiest option of all, apply it on the bottom and then on the top. Again, do it in a circular motion.

.    Lip Gloss after Lipstick?
Apply even amount of lipstick and then a small amount of lip gloss. It will give a good impact.

5.    How can you make it last longer?
To make it last longer, you need to use it with Vaseline. Vaseline helps it stay for a longer time. So, apply some Vaseline on your lips and then an even amount of lip gloss.

6.    Age limit?
Practically and logically, there is no age limit to apply lip gloss. Some limit themselves on crossing the age of 50. In fact, after crossing 50, you should not stop applying it. Many complain that they have lost the fullness because of their age. This is true but lip gloss will only help you make those lips look better. So, don’t stop using it. It is one product that looks good on every woman; may she be 18 or 80.

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