Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back To School Supplies From UI School Supply!

Can you guys believe that it is already time to go back to school? I can't! This has definitely been a super quick summer around our house! I have to admit, I do get a little bit excited at back to school time. I always loved school when I was a kid, and I still get jittery, nervous, and excited for my kids on their first day of school! It may be a combination of that, and the fact that I will always be a "homeschool mom" at heart, but I am still obsessed with back to school, and school supplies in general! 

Recently, during one of my "browse everything on the internet related to back to school" sessions, I found a great company called UI School Supply. They have anything and everything you would ever need for back to school! Whether you are a mom looking for preschool supplies for your little one, or a teacher on the hunt for teacher supplies and teaching aids, they really do have you covered! I found some great products on their site, and best of all, they are super affordable! 

I had a great time browsing through the UI School Supply site, and I found a ton of stuff that I am putting on my list! They have a ton of great preschool items that I am going to get to supplement with Bean's PreK studies, and I also found lots of great stuff I could pick up to donate to Tater's class as well! I especially love the Basic Skills Board for little ones! Teachers could go crazy on this site, I found many great name tags, decorations, classroom supplies, and fun extras too! If you are on the hunt for great back to school supplies, you are definitely going to want to check out this company! You can visit their website at Happy Shopping! 

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