Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back To School Jitters

Well, today I am talking about the back to school jitters, and I am not talking about the boys. I am talking about me. I am really stressing out because this year is the year. The first year. The first year that both of my boys will be going to school and leaving me all alone. As most of you know, after a turbulent Kindergarten and then First Grade year, we pulled Tater out of public school last year and homeschooled him for Second Grade, while we worked on some PreK stuff for Beanie. We had a really great time, and I loved being home with them and being their teacher. We did a lot of really fun stuff and went a lot of cool places, and I think all three of us learned alot. But.

Of course, there's a but. My boys are missing out. On friends. On having other kids to play with. I know, there are so many different opportunities for socializing when you homeschool, and we tried many of them, but nothing really seemed to "stick". No matter the activities, my boys never seemed to form any "real" friendships with other kids. Couple that with the fact that we live way out in the country where there are literally no kids anywhere near us, I think my boys are getting lonely. So, it's back to school we go.

The boys are thrilled. Beyond belief. To them, school is friends and playgrounds and field trips and lunches. To me, well. It's something else entirely. I'm optimistic that the problems that we faced in K and First will be nothing but a memory this year, and that both of my boys will thrive back in a public school setting. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Tomorrow is back to school night, where we will meet Tater's third grade teacher. I really hope it goes well.

For my sweet Bean, we still have 3 more weeks before the PreK train leaves town, and I will be all alone at home for at least three hours, 4 days a week. The amount of work, and showering, and exercise, and cleaning I will be able to get done in that time is just mind boggling. But, I don't know how I will adjust to being without my babies. So, while you are school shopping this week, and meeting your teachers, and lacing up those shiny new shoes, think of me. I am just having some back to school jitters!

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