Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Balance Bar Summer Shape Up Challenge + GIVEAWAY!!!

I received a sample product in order to conduct this review, however, all opinions are my own. 

It's summer time, and Balance Bar is celebrating with a Summer Shape Up Challenge! You guys know that I have been trying to eat healthier, exercise more,and get in shape this summer, so I was excited to take the challenge! I had never tried Balance Bars before, so I was excited to give them a go! We were sent an awesome gift pack with tons of Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Balance Bars to check out. They were delicious, and believe it or not, my boys even loved them! They are now calling them candy bars and asking for them every day! Wow! 

Balance Bar is in this challenge to help you get motivated, so all month long, they will be posting tips and videos for getting healthy on their Facebook page, and super awesome personal trainer Holly Del Rosso will be hosting a Twitter chat at the end of the campaign to help keep us all motivated. It's gonna be great! (Thursday, July 31 at 3pm EST.. don't miss it!) Until then, check out some of Holly's best tips: 

  1. Take your workout outside. Outdoor workouts are challenging and refreshing so try paddle boarding, surfing, cycling, yoga in the park or group runs like a 5K.
  2. Eat seasonal fruits and veggies. Most fruits and veggies are at their peak during summer months and by eating them you’re adding more nutrients to your diet. Look to add a host of different colors to your meal with various fruits and vegetables. Try grilling vegetables (corn, eggplant or zucchini) for a delicious side to your dinner or add juicy fruits (blackberries, peaches and melon) to your morning breakfast.
  3. Find a buddy to workout with. By partnering with someone, you’re more likely to work out when you say you will and it’s also a great way to catch up with old friends. Some of my favorite “buddy workouts” include biking, outdoor dancing classes, canoeing, and of course, hiking (with a healthy picnic at the end!)
  4. Drink more “fun” water! It’s important to drink a plenty of water especially in the summer when you’re more prone to dehydration. I like to make infused water mocktails to make water more exciting and delicious and only adding 20 calories or less. Buy some fresh fruits, slice them up and add to your water. My favorite combinations are peaches and strawberries, strawberries and mint or cucumber and watermelon and you’ll want to drink it all day in fun infusers like these from the Ball® brand.
  5. Eat many small meals. When you eat smaller portions more frequently, your metabolic rate tends to be higher (meaning you can burn calories more easily). I always tell my clients to eat 5-6 small meals a day that are packed with nutrients, including a snack in between each meal with something like a Cookie Dough Balance Bar® which will keep you full longer and help satisfy your appetite. Balance Bar® is also a great snack to put in your purse or gym bag so you always have a nutritious snack on-hand and can avoid making those bad snack choices at that last minute and when on the go.
Balance Bar offers over 20 varieties of bars based on the 40-30-30 nutrition principle – a proven formula developed by scientists to help maintain your blood sugar levels already within a normal range. They help fill you up and give you energy that lasts through your workouts and daily activities.(The above information is provided by Balance Bar.)
Personally, I was super excited about the extras that we got to check out along with the Balance Bars. The Ball Canning water infuser is absolutely one of my favorite things I've ever owned! I love, love, LOVE drinking water, it makes me feel great, but, I sometimes get bored with it. Now, I can add flavor to my water without getting those little fruit pieces stuck in my drink. I hate that! This thing has actually been a lifesaver for me and I seriously don't know how I survived so long without it. When you drink as much water as I do, it's a must have!

Want to see one of Holly's videos? She doesn't mess around! Don't forget to join Ball Canning and Balance Bar on Pinterest so you can check out all the latest happenings! 

And, guess what?? The folks at Balance Bar are so generous, they are offering one lucky Flip Out Mama reader a chance to win the same awesome gift package as we received! All you need to do to enter is check out the Rafflecopter below and follow the instructions. Good Luck! 

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  1. I've gone jogging through the park more since the weather has been pretty darn nice!

  2. I've been skateboarding 3-4 hours everyday!


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