Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's Get Together And Help This Family

I was recently introduced to this family through the wonderful folks at One Spirit. They could really use some help. They are so close to being able to finally have a home, and to get their electricity up and going! It is so sad that when they finally got the opportunity to build their own home, they lost the trailer they were staying in. Now, they are staying in this unfinished home with no electricity, and it is so cold there right now! 

Mashanoposhe Camp and his brother Vic shared a trailer in Manderson, South Dakota, while they finished building their new homes. Sadly, their trailer burned down. Posh's wife and baby escaped through a bedroom window after receiving a phone call that reported smoke coming from their house.

The Camp brothers are leaders in the Lakota organization Owe Aku and give to all around them. They lost many sacred objects, all their clothes, the meat they hunted to get them through winter, all their hunting tools, toys, book etc. We'd like to raise money to help complete their homes (electrical and water) and give them some resources to set them up for winter.

The temperatures in the evening are in the 30's and housing is scarce in their town on the Pine Ridge Reservation, please help them finish their homes before it gets too cold.

The $2,000 will help purchase the setup to the electrical pole for each brother and help install the water. Every little bit helps, many thanks.

If you are interested in helping this wonderful family have a warm and safe home for the Winter, you can donate here:

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