Thursday, October 17, 2013

Check Out Play Town- A Great Free App For Kids!

I am always looking for fun new apps for my boys. Now that we are homeschooling, it seriously seems like are almost always on the iPad. I especially need to find fun things for Beanie to do when I am busy with Tater, and nothing keeps him busy like a fun app! I recently got a chance to try out a great app called Play Town, which is a FREE app for kids! It is a great, fun storytelling app that my boys have fallen in love with! 
The PlayTown: My Story Maker app allows kids to create, personalize and narrate stories while bringing their imagination to life! Children have rich imaginations, and it’s the responsibility of a parent to help nurture, encourage and reinforce their children’s’ creative expression.  An active imagination can help develop certain life skills such as communication and problem solving. 

Here’s how PlayTown works:
Begin your story by selecting an Adventure Play Set; play sets can range from traveling to playing sports to even exploring outer space!
My Story Maker invites you to create and build adventures, select your own stages, props, accessories and cast of lovable characters—such as princesses, monsters and jungle friends—and even use personal photos and drawings!
When completed, see your creation with the play back feature and share with family and friends within the app.

PlayTown is FREE to download for Android ( and iOS ( and includes 3 Adventure Play Sets. Additional play sets can be purchased for $1.99 each.
·         For more information please visit and be sure to like the app on Facebook (

■Loads of Fun in Play Town
- Themed character play sets
- Multiple background stage set options
- Touch, drag and adjust size of characters in the scene
- Change character expressions
- Add accessories
- Narrate and record your story
- Add a musical background effect
- Title your story and add your name as Director
- Play back and enjoy your story!
- Don't forget to watch the credits and then share the story with friends.

■Plus Personalization
- Take YOUR photo and add it to the story
- Draw YOUR own character and add it to the story
- Change characters clothing, hair, shoes and more. Thousands of combinations!

■Free Version
Includes three fun-filled themed adventure play sets
- Pirate's Treasure Hunt (GET FREE!)
- Princess Party (GET FREE!)
- Travel Around the World (GET FREE!)

■New Adventure Play Set
- Jungle Kingdom ($ 1.99)
- What Do You Want To Be? ($ 1.99)

■Coming Soon - Watch for these added adventures
- Monster Under My Bed ($ 1.99)
- Who let the toys out? (GET FREE!)

■ABOUT SK Planet

SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, designs and publishes digital education and entertainment products that empower kids to be creative, learn skills and share their ideas through play.

This is an adorable app, and the boys have really been loving it! They are both super duper creative and love making up stories, acting out stories, and just being silly in general. They really love the fact that after their story has been made, that they can play the whole thing back. They are really into making their own movies lately, so this is perfect! I also love that the extras and add ons for this app are not super expensive, they are all pretty cheap, so mom likes that! 

I would totally recommend this app for any kids who like make believe, creative play, and just making up stories in general! I also love that it's FREE! Who doesn't love a free app! You can even take your own pictures and add them into the stories. We especially like the playback mode, it's our favorite part! Get this app today! Here's the Android version, and the iTunes version! 

This has been a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own. 

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